Cutting My Teeth. The Floor Crawler



I had been so exclusively focused on the pre-design work for the Wowee Roboquad hack and waiting on parts to arrive from China, I hadn't been thinking much about making another robot. While dropping some donations off at the 2nd hand-store, I happened to notice a cheap rc-car without a remote. It's was like the old dog that nobody wanted at the pound. Well, the analogy ends there because when I took it home I immediate took it dismembered everything eek except the frame and the motors. Today, I hooked it all up using the Easy-B and got it floor ready. Lesson learned you just spent a lot of money on parts and you want to make a fast robot...go to Goodwill and buy a cheap RC Car and a H-bridge and your good to go.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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and yes, that's poorly cut foamcore... eyeroll

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Nice hack though ! Heading to the local Goodwill here tomorrow just to drop off some things........


i got so many many robots from goodwill,1 neato xv-11 for $20.RAD for $8 omnibot for $25 i think i got a car just like that for $3,i bought already 6 cars my favorate was a very large batmobile from the lastest movie, for $6 and a few roomba's

mine is only 3 blocks away from my house,i go every day to check the store

GOOD HACK leversofpower

ROBOT-DOC hope you have good luck fing good robot hacks

also those types of cars you can easy hack the h-bridge that comes with it too


Thanks. I'm finding this whole robotics thing is addictive...

Less foam core is better:

User-inserted image


i see you like spilt tubing too ,like me I see you are using a breadboard,idea thats better is buy a cheap protoboard from radio shack and solder the connections and parts,

I use bigger circuit boards or protoboards ,because i design circuits and uses alot of chips and hand solder my own board ,but they are $60 each,radio shack i think is $1.50 ,but a small board close to size of your breadboard


I have a similar project, what did you do with the motor on the back? replace it? tie it to the ezbot board? I am stuck.


No but I will now, thanks, this is my first project. Thank you for the input.