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[X] Close Control

Wow. I WISH that the [ x ] Close Control control on the ARC control windows said "ARE YOUR SURE ? (This will remove your control and all your programming of it for keeps!)"

The only solution is to Exit ARC, choose NOT to Save (losing other valuable changes you may have made) and then restart, where upon your control reappears. I stupidly click the close box when I'm going after the [gear] icon. Loose mouse. Loose cannon. Ouch.

Yeah. Backing up and saving frequently and careful mouse nav is important. You'd think that [Restore Controls] would bring back all the controls you had open when you first started 'this' session of ARC.

and I'm a coder...


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Restore Controls, and other options in the Window category are for minimizing and restoring visibility of controls. This is called "Window State", which is what happens when you press the MINIMIZE button on a window, such as notepad, IE, Chrome, Word, etc.. The application will minimize. To RESTORE the window, pressing the middle button does that. You can minimize and restore control windows in ARC.

There is no verification on closing controls at this time. Much like pressing [x] on Chrome, IE or most programs, the controls operate the same way. Do not press [x] unless you wish to close the control.

Glad to hear you're a coder, keep up the great work and enjoy ARC!