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Use Webcam With Ez-B V4

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I'm intending to use this conversion circuit to integratethe camera with ez_b, hopefully everyone can give me an advice before I buy it.
USB UART switch CP2102 uses CP2102 chip fromSILICON LABS which is used to transfer USB to UART TTL and vice versa
Foot description is as follows: TXD: UART data transmission pins, used to connect to Rx pinsof other modules, not directly connected to the level of RS232RXD: pins to receive UART data, use connection to Tx pins ofother modules, do not connect directly to the level of RS232GND: mass or ground.5V: positive voltage source (maximum 500mA).DTR: Reset pin to load for microcontroller3.3V: 3.3V positive voltage source?

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 yes thanks for your suggestion but let me ask if ican transfer the camera port data with this converter cable