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I am trying to use EZ-BV2 in my INMOOV robot, I came across Nigel Inmoov robot using you controller, How can I download his graphic to my frame?


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Perry - wow thanks for sharing that blog post. What an incredible read! There's so much detail. Every now and then I putter with our InMoov that Richard gave us, but no where to that extent. That blog is good motivation to get me doing something with the InMoov. I think the only part that discourages me with the robot is the speed of the servos - which is expected given it's size and weight and gearing. But maybe it's time I get over that and do something cool with it
Thanks, Perry_S , I will try using  yours. I am 87 years old and this is all coming to me slowly, if I had my great grandson with he would have had it done already.
United Kingdom
Hi Ron, Glad you like the blog.  I can email a copy of my ezb files if you want with all the autopositions and graphics etc. Let me know. Send me an email with your email to myrobotcallednigel@gmail.com      
And happy New Year DJ and Perry!
@Ronbklyn: You're the coolest grandfather! To be building robots at 87, i hope i'm as sharp as you when i reach that age.
You have to keep using it or you lose it.