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tik tik

i have an original iotiny whit speaker that has a tikking sound.i tested 4 speakers,all has the tikking sound.
nothing is connected like servo or cam or 12c.there are no screws in the iotiny.
how can i solved this.


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Hello @Nomad,

The tick you are hearing is the DAC initializing. If you change your code to have the speech be continuous instead of pausing between sentences you can stop the ticking. Ex:


SayEZB("I am a robot. I can speak. I am unique and can do many things!")
hi jer

whithout the dots then.cause he wil say dot.am stil hearing it in the begin&end.
#3   — Edited

The speech should pause when there is a period, you may have to delete the period and add a period that isn't copy and pasted. Sometimes between copying and pasting code the symbols can be misinterpreted. This happens to me when copying and pasting quotation marks for me in EZ-script. I have to delete the quotation marks and type them manually. 

As for the tick at the beginning, I don't believe this can be helped. It's the DAC initializing.
ok whit the pauze it sounds better. thanks for the fast respons.