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Robot Jerking Servos

I added a pan/tilt system to my robot to track objects but the servos just jerk around randomly. Help? I'm using some Tower Pro servos I had lying around.

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also, when I use a wired controller to control the pan/tilt system it's not very smooth, it just jerks around.
My tower pro servos are not smooth either. Some times they move smooth and other times they jerk around. The ones I have are from eBay and were very cheap. I got what I paid for. From what I understand they draw more amps at the beginning of their movement than they are supposed to. I could be way off base on my thoughts. Have you figured out why you are having the problem with your servos?
Difficult to diagnose low quality servos - but it could be related to voltage exceeding their limits. I've experienced low quality servos jump around when the voltage exceeds their specification.