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Robosapeon V2

Can EZB control WowWee Robosapien V2 and WowWee FemiSapien Humanoid Robot, if not how can we hack and what additional hardware do you sugget.

Also can microsoft Cbox Kinect be hooked up to EZB for motion detection . I contemplate on teaching Robosapien and FemiSapien dance moves kung fu using human posing and Kinect.

Is this doable, suggestions and guidance is greatly appreciated.



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It certainly is do-able.. ARC doesn't support the kinect right now. But you could download the EZ-B SDK and Kinect SDK and create your own app:)

You could hack the robosapien... I don't know the details of the V2.. Does it have servos or motors?

most likely motors. You'd have to take it apart and replace the motors with servos.


use a bunch of hbridges (or hack the V2's circuit board and use it's hbridges) to use the existing motors.

Motors don't give you any precision thoug
You think it would be possible to talk to an arduino to control the robosapien with EZ-B? If it was say hooked up like this? Robosapien with arduino

Ironically, the firmware i've been working on controls the robosapien - and even more ironically, it and a few new features are being released tomorrow. That's really really weird. really weird
Oh you are my hero. Not that you weren't already.

You have just made my next project so much easier....

How is the wiring?
2 wires. Gnd and Signal

I'm kind of weirded out that i've been working on it while you asked.
I am intuitive that way. If you look around board I have mentioned my next hack....
Hey DJ;
I have been busy, but it is great news to see you hacked the Robosapien!!!!
Ironically, I just got a Robosapien V1, Metalic Blue from a Yard Sale today for $5.00!, INCLUDING THE REMOTE AND WORKING!!!! I plan to Ez-B Him:)

Question though, I noticed right behind it's head, there in a toggle switch, and a 1/8th jack cord, that has no mention in the manual I downloaded from Wowee's website....
Any notions on what they are for? I notice the Bot acts slightly different, controlled by the remote, if I flip the switch....but not much.
RR333, great find! I have no idea what that switch is - i don't have one on mine:)
Sounds like it has already been hacked...
Hmmmm, perhaps!) lol
Hey BTW DJ, any hopes in doing the same "backwards engendering " for an Icybie Dog???
We have 2!!!!:)
I wonder if I hooked up an MP3 player to the 1/8th audio jack, it would make him Dance!!!, lol
Would this same integration work for the Robosapien V2?