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Hi, I have the remains of a Robosapien v2 robot
just wanted to know if it is possible to activate again with the controller and battery

here are 2 pictures:
sorry for all the pics, don't know how to delete some

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User-inserted image
User-inserted image
User-inserted image

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Thanks for the response, 

I only have the head and the board it is hooked to left.

Just wanted to see it light up again, lol

wel give him eyes&mouth and left&right up&down movement good for practise.
Yeah I have a bunch of these different versions tall and short and even had the Chimp alive. The motor controller on these are all garbage not meant to last longer than a few years then all the wire insulation disintegrates on many of them and when you try to hook up batteries you just get alot of "Magic smoke" If you are lucky enough to have had the RS Media bot,they had the better wiring and should still be working. It had the Linux computer and it was quite amazing what it could do,had a real camera and you could do many things that EZ B can do now. This was however the most expensive bot they had and still fetches $500.00---$2000.00 depending if still "New in box" I have a Media bot too but the computer board failed I am still going to hack it with EZ controller and using single regular motor controllers to get the arms and legs working again,not hard to do at all but not recommended for the V2 bots as they mostly had the cheap wires. The chimp alive had really strong neck motors that I will be using to control the head movements of my Life size Cylon robot.
Nice video,  made me remember before I scraped my v2 

Wires were garbage
#8   — Edited
I agree with DJ, that v2 was limited