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I purchased in Feb. 2019 a new JD robot, just used a few times

Yesterday, I was doing the servos profile, the robot twisted up and said low battery (it was charged first) then a burning electrical smell, I shut it off

I recharged the battery, all seem ok now -  do you know what that could have been? 

Used it this morning ,robot is working fine now


robot will not turn on - dead  3/6/2019

I replaced the fuse as you suggested to no avail, still dead, what do I do?

I doubled check the battery to your pictures, maybe bad

User-inserted image
User-inserted image
sorry for multi pics
as soon as I plug the battery in it green
you have to let the batt cool down for 30 minutes before power on the robot.also when you have used the robot,let the batt cool of for 30 minutes,
before charging.great to see you tackle the problem.howlong did the charging last before the batt was fully charged.?
if you can use a multi meter ,you can messure howmany volt there is in the batt.
I appreciate all that you have done, since it was new, I will just send it bask to the robot shop where I purchased it

thanks again
beware you might not get a warenty from the shop where you bouth it.may i ask what is you favorit robot?

It looks like the Battery is good, since the charger has a green LED. That would indicate that the battery can be charged and it is has a full charge. I believe the EZ-B protection diode may have been damaged during the event that happened when JD was twisted up. It's likely that all you need is a new EZ-B.
Hi Nomad 6R

I purchased it at the robot shop - I had the EZ-robot humanoid, great robot

I sent it back tonight UPS

I will get another one as soon as I get credited 

EZ robot people really help  :-)
great to hear you going for it.and members here are awesome.jd is my fav robot too.if you have your new jd ,dont forget to calibrate all servo's,
before assemble him.

hey jer the protection diode,do you mean the poly fuse?

I believe Robotshop may have replacement items that they can send you. Probably best to contact them before sending a robot back to them.

There is a polarity protection diode on the EZ-B main board.
I already sent back, thanks anyway
This is exciting, where is the polarity protection diode on the EZ-B main board?
hey EZang60

i dont find any info whits one is the mainboard,or where the polarity protection diode is on the board.User-inserted image
any news on a replacement part or robot?
Hey guys,

In the picture is the WiFi (top) board, the polarity protection diode is on the bottom (main) board. The diode is not user serviceable. It's easy to spot, it's right near the voltage input.
User-inserted image
hi jeremie is this correct?
@Nomad Yes that's the one
great another good picture then.thanks jer.
My new JD humanoid robot should arrive Friday, I will start again

purchased it from https://www.robots.education

I have been talking to Dennis Kambeitz, I believe he is JD Sures's friend

very nice and knowledgeable people

congrats with your new jd.