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Omnibot Connections

Ok so i finally have my ez board and my omnibot just waiting for the h bridge, i thought hmm i will connect my servos and give your omnibot software a go, ahh i thought so where the hell do i connect things to for the omnibot ? so my question is is there a page on this site or tutorial on what ports you have connected what to for your omnibot, plz understand i wanna develope my own code and software etc etc for my omnibot as he will soon have a roboard with windows embedded on and various lcd screen etc etc attached but as a start of i just wanna know how you have connected yours to gimme a start

Thanks alot kurt


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Plug the servo's in anywhere you want:) You decide the ports. Watch the Tutorial videos as a start. You can click the ? (question mark) icon on any control in ARC and it will bring you to a video tutorial page.

The servo video tutorial will explain how to get your servo's rocking!

PS Can't wait to see pics of what you've made. I don't think anyone has made an embedded system yet!

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Ahh, its just a wanted to try your C# program so i thought maybe i needed to have the servos lights sonar etc in the correct places ? maybe not

Regards Kurt


Oh the C# for omnibot. I forgot about that one. At the top of the source file will be a list of all of the connections. :)