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Omnibot Arm Servos

Hi DJ, what is the torque of the servos you used for arm movement on your Omnibot Project? I am starting to modify my bot and was wondering how strong I needed to make those. I have some that are 208oz/inch. Are those sufficient?


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You know i'm not even sure. They aren't great servos that i have for the arms. And they really don't work at all haha. I had to order replacement servos that are way stronger. I forget what those torque numbers are also.

I can tell you that you'll most likely need to provide alternate power to the servos (i.e. direct 6 volts) rather than the Voltage regulator on the ez-b. The ez-b VR will do quite a bit of amps but the voltage is limitted to 5. And most strong torque servos like 6-6.5v


I was planning on a separate power supply because I am going to be using 8 servos for the arms. Each shoulder, elbow, wrist, and claw.


So are the heavy duty servos you offer in your kit the same as in your omnibot? Because those are the ones I was planning on using.


Perfect! I like that end part.. And CLAW!

My omnibot is powered by a lead acid battery. It's the kind they use for alarms. Black and square. Kinda heavy, but powerful at 6v 4 amps. It's about 2 inches wide, 4 inches long and 4 inches high. I got it from a local battery supply shop we have. It was cheap too... I think $20

Just becareful and don't overcharge it... That acid is messy and dangerous stuff