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.Net Open Source

Just read that Microsoft is planning to open source the full server-side .NET core stack and to take that open-sourced .NET core to Linux and Mac OS X, alongside Windows.

Read about it here

It's a little beyond me but does that mean the SDK for the EZ-B will possibly soon be compatible with Linux and iOS? Which will open up a whole bunch of options.


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It sure does mean that - the SDK has a Mono version, which hasn't been updated on the site yet. The mono version already runs on Linux and mac osx - but has a few limits due to windows specific features in .Net. Once they port the .Net compilers to other platforms, we will see ARC and the like being compatible with all paltforms


They are also releasing a new free version of Visual Studio that is more complete than the "express" versions. From what I can tell, it is the same as Professional but with different licensing on what and how you can distribute works created with it.

See this Blog Post for more info.

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They aren't planning - they already did it! Super freaking awesome.


Edit: I removed some info about Mono and compatibility which DJ said much better than I did :)