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Irobot Roomba Is Now Supported!

That's right, the iRobot Roomba is now supported by the EZ-B. No more wires! Bluetooth connectivity to your Roomba with the EZ-B. All you need is a PS2 connector (from an old mouse or purchase one new from an electronic supply store).

The EZ-SDK and ARC both support the Roomba commands. There is even a Tone module which allows you to write music on your Roomba :)

Get yourself a PS2 Mouse and cut the end off but leave a 12 inches of wire. Strip the wires back and use a multimeter to probe and find the ones that I connected in the picture. You only need to connect 2 wires, Signal and GND. Attach a servo plug to the end and connect it to the EZ-B.

In this picture, Signal is WHITE and Gnd is BLACK.

Also notice that this is the inside of the plug. That gives you a better idea of what pins you are connecting.

PS, the PS2 connector will have a little TAB in the center, break it off with a pair of plyers because it won't fit in the roomba.

*Note Before Connecting To EZ-B:: Check the signal wire (white wire) with a volt meter and ensure you have between zero and five volts from the Roomba. If you see higher voltage, you're connected to the wrong port. If you apply too much voltage to the the EZ-B from the Roomba, you will damage the D0 port and will require a chip replacement. Feel free to Contact Us for a replacement chip :)

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so .... anyone sucessfully do this? Isnt working for me.


I use a roomba as a testing platform daily. Give me some details of how you did it and we'll sort it out :)


Well ... sending any command from the roomba movement will power on the roomba. but nothing else happens. no commands do anything other than power on the roomba.


What version of firmware are you running? Also, what port do you have it connected too?


Version 15 (Brilliant Firm Update tool, DJ) COM8, the lower of the two that the blutooth connected too.


No sorry, not the COM. I meant the digital port on the EZ-B. What port number is it? D0? D1, etc... And did you configure that in the CONFIG menu? Silly questions, i know.


D8 I did. though it defualted to 8.


Can you try it on D0?


I actually started on D0. Same symptoms. While the roomba is off, any command will turn it on. Nothing else happens. FYI, i just tested a ping sensor and a servo. Each work perfectly. So i know the board isnt fualty.


Also, My Roomba's are running the latest firm ware (OSMO Hacker), if that matters.


Has the baud rate of the OSMO Hacker version changed? Can you look at the datasheet and see if it is 38400 or 57600? It should still be 57600


I switched to a Create, which accepts the same SCI as a roomba, so theres no question. Same performance. Is it possible i have the wrong pins? I'm using 3 and 7.

User-inserted image (Looking down into the female roomba port)


Yeah that's right.

7 GND 3 Signal


I dunno then. Somethings wierd. it isnt working on two roomba's and a create. One difference i did notice, in your video you have a send init button but none exists in this software. is that it maybe


The new version doesn't require that. Very strange indeed. I can't imagine what the issue is. Unless the commandset is different? I don't know why it would be.

You can try using the Script Console (F3) and send commands manually according to the datasheet.

Just to see if something funky is going on.

What happens if you use the roomba tone control? Does that do anything?


Nothing. It will turn the roomba on if its asleep but thats all.


They are using the iRobot SCI. Same as yours unless theres something i dont know.


I can't even guess what the issue would be. If it's writing serial data, then that's all there is to it. Shouldn't be anything beyond that. Strange that it turns on, but nothing else.

I wonder if there is a command in the newer firmware that i'm not sending that i'm supposed too. I know the command set is the same, but maybe i'm sending something that isn't right.

I'll take a peak


Wow hang on, DJ. I'm not nearly as smart as you are. Before you do any work please let me double and triple check everything. One of my Roomba's is the exact model as yours so its gotta be something on this end.


I'll investigate in the morning. Thanks for helping me, DJ.


No porblem bob, we'll figure it out :)


Cleaned them out with a wire and a can of air. Works now.

So Sorry, DJ. These Dusty old Roomba's are years and years old and been used everyday since the day I bought em. Been repaired several times and still trucking. Never thought the serial port could collect dust, but come to find out. Cant expplain why the create was so dusty though. whatever.

Thanks for trouble shooting for me, I NEVER would have thought the issue if i wasnt sure that everything else was right based on what you said here.


Awesome!!! That makes me happy to hear. I was struggling last night thinking of what could be wrong. :)


D.J are you going to add to the software to also read the roomba sensors and functions i see you can only send not received i got my board and camera in this week and cant wait to use and looking to buy a few more for many many robot hacks,have a wall-e,rad,R2-D2 small and large and lot more robots ready to be hacked


DJ on the roomba have you heard of the OSMO HACKER there is black and blue one depending on the serial # of the roomba is it needed on some roomba's to get them working i have a red roomba 4100 model i only get it to clean mode no other commands work i am using D0 pin also in left corner of the Movement Panel there is a round circuit whhen i click on it lights up and click again off



You may be on to something with the need for OSMO HACKER. I have given up trying to control my 4230 Roomba with ARC, nothing works. I would really like to experiment with the Roomba using EZ-Robot, so if you find a solution, please post it.

This is a picture of my hookup. I may have made an obvious mistake. User-inserted image


I can check the sci documentation for those models.

If any of you have time to spare it away, a temporary donation of a unit helps diagnose:) we'll send it back when done :)


I can lend them to you, DJ. I'm sort of a roomba fanatic and have been collecting them for some time. Please email me the address you would like them shipped to.

Which units do you need? the blue 4230? Thats a scheduler 2.0. It does not need the hacker. but I will send it along anyway for the red. So you can fully test it, I'll also send a virtual wall and the the scheduler remote (which, by the way, negates the need for an OSMO as it will detect current roomba firmware and ship appropriate update to any 2nd gen roomba.

The red one... I can lend you one of these too. Yeah that one definitly needs an OSMO, would need to see the unit to know which OSMO, blue or black, but i have both so I'll send them both along.



Check your baud rates. And, also your ports on your computer. There is a program that works well for me and it is called Roomba status. It is a free program , just search for it with google. It allows you to control the roomba. You also have to right click your port on your computer in the device manager and change the baud rate to match the roomba on that port.

There is a website that gives Great support on the Roomba. It is called roombareview. again, do a google search and find it.

Hope that this helped,



roomba status i used before i sent to MEL,also i did have to use OSMO HACKER, some roomba's need it some dont,depends on the year they came out you need to check your # with the right hacker,i have the blue hacker i can loan it out but will need it back since i use it alot zagrosrobotics has it,as protechrobotics has it and info on witch one is needed by the ser# i redesign them for higher torque,and dual battery charging design,working on better optical feedback for the motors

DJ i dont think anything wrong with the SCI commands,just needs a firmware update for the SCI commands to work also hope soon to see bi-directional control ,send and receive commands ,can this be done with EZB

BOB.RUSSO i very heavy into roomba for a very long time,i have about 27 of them i convert and sell as my TURTLEBOT design using ROS SOFTWARE just look up on the internet TURTLEBOT by willow garage its mostly a IROBOT CREATE using ROS software and KINECT CAMERA for navigation ,it uses four 12 inch round decks plus brackets,my decksi made if you look at MY ROOMBA PROJECT in showcase in a few days willl have photos up and code


Hello everyone,

by any chance, is someone willing to sell a blue OSMO/ or lend it? I'll pay for shipping costs and if neccessary I'll pay a deposit as reassurance to return it...


Pashley, do you need to borrow one as well?



I've got a Roomba Discovery 4210, serial number is with barcode and digits, it was manufactured 22.09.2005. I need blue OSMO. Previously I bought Scheduler remote + DIN-to-USB cable to update its firmware, but all it does when connected is power up the unit and displays 'DONE' (almost instantaneously) on the scheduler display. Later I read that blue OSMO is needed to update unit older than xx. October 2005. and cannot be done with scheduler remote.

Would you borrow or sell one?


Bob.Russo , Attached is a photo of my Roomba collection. I have been trying for a year to find one that works with EZ-Robot, but alas no luck. Your recent post has given me new hope. Please tell me what arrangements I need to make to borrow an OSMO. I thank you.

User-inserted image


The Blue single button Roomba should already have the Open Interface firmware and work with the EZ-B.


Ok, here's what I propose; a round-robin swap.

  1. I'll send them to dm39910 first. (Shipping cost is on me.)
  2. dm39910 then sends them to Pashley. (Shipping cost is on dm39910)
  3. Pashley returns them to me. (Shipping cost is on Pashley.)

That's faster and cheaper for all of us than back and forth to me.

I have every color so I'll send them all. Take all the time you need to get it right - don't rush it and brick your Roomba. But please know that these are treasures to me and I will miss them very much while they're away and probably cry if they don't come back.

All agreed?

Send your shipping info to me at


Oh, Pashley. On another note. I was able to power the EZ-Robot board right from the Roomba battery. I'll dig out my project (its in the attack. I got frustrated with it) and figure out how I did that. That might take a bit though. I'm into smart things, but I'm not smart.


I agree Bob,

I promise to do my best so you won't have to cry :) I'm sending my shipping info right away. Thank you for your good will on helping us!


@DJ Quick question: Could I hookup the iRobot Roomba 560 with the EZB without issues or is this model not supported?


I could not resist and ordered myself one for 100USD..... I am hoping that it is supported.


@compilots Is it an original iRobot or some chinese copy? If it is original then it's a best buy :)


Looks like the original but........... this deal does smell a little off. I took precautionary measures prior to this payment just in case.


@compilots hello, I was wondering how did your purchase go? Few days after you posted that ebay link I was tempted to buy one too, but i found that ebay deleted that it looked even more suspicious...I'm just curious


@compilots, the 500, 600, and 700 model Roombas will work with the EZ-B but you have to select 115,200 on the control panel for Roomba.


@dm39910 Good question. As soon as the product was removed I contacted my credit card company with the issue. Yesterday I reported to the CC Company that it appears the item was shipped and that it is on its way.... So.... I am currently waiting to see if the product really arrives and is as described. Will update end of the month.

@Robot-Doc this was the transaction I was talking about in the email. If this really arrives I will be really joyful. If not I will buy the one you offered.


@compilots, I had a similar experience on ebay two years ago. There was a seller from China offering new 500 model Roombas for $100. What I received was a USB memory card reader that cost about .50 cents. Since I used paypal I got my money back.


It was fake! I received a scarf and not the Roomba. I have already been refunded though :)