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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

Can You Install Arc On Chromebook

I was wondering if it was ever possible to use ARC on a chromebook due to me accidentally installing the wrong version of ARC on my main laptop (windows 10 hp) and im stuck with it until the other version gets an update. i just want to know what happens if you try to install it on and if its a bad idea or not. trying to fix my roli rover too. So is it possible and safe to add ARC to my chromebook?

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I would say no. ARC is a Windows based system. Chrome book is a Linux-based Chrome OS. Will not work. 

Just wondering, where did you get an outdated version of ARC? There is no need to wait for anything. You can either uninstall what is not working for you on your Windows Laptop then download at working version of ARC or you can just download a current version of ARC and install it right over what you have now. Get the current version of ARC here:

Good luck.
Dave, i got runtime and it was not what i wanted and the one that i wanted wouldnt install because its ""outdated"" despite it still being there on the download page, but thank you for the help
I don't know how it's possible to have an outdated version of ARC on the download page. Unless there is an issue with their server they always have the latest and greatest available.

After looking at the download options when clicking on "Get ARC Free" it does not look like there is a real "free" option anymore . If downloading for the first time it looks like you need to download the Pro version and then sign up for either their monthly or yearly subscription to use ARC.  Once you get your project complete then you could switch over to the Runtime version for free. However you can not edit anything in your project after then unless you resubscribe. 

If you have an old version of ARC before Synthiam started charging for it's use you probably need to delete that old version and download the Pro version. Make sure to backup and keep your project files!! The upgrade should not remove these but always practice safe computing. LOL.  

I haven't used the new free version of ARC but I have read posts of people using it. Not sure how they got there or where they got it. I thought it was on the download page I pointed to but I don't see it now. Both builders and Synthiam has said in past posts that the "free" version is limited. Maybe this version is not available anymore and you need to take the path I mentioned above. Hopefully Synthiam will step in and clarify.
Oh! I guess I need to read closer. The discerption does say "Personal". My apologies for any misleading info.