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I have calibrated the Continuous Rotation Servos on my Adventure Bot according to the tutorials and all the tests work as expected. But I can only move one at a time with the arrow keys and cannot program any movement with blockly. Any suggestions about what I have misunderstood will be appreciated.User-inserted image

2019.02.18.00 BETA
(which I chose because I want to play with Arduinos etc.)
And choose because you enjoy discovering bugs:D. I'll take a look and see what's up from our end. Stay tuned
Thanks! Who'd ha'thought that at 71yrs I might be becoming a hacker!
This morning I have downloaded and installed the stable version of EZ-Builder and everything works as expected. My AdventureBot has wheels!
Well, at least I didn't sent you on a wild goose chase. Looking forward to getting back on the beta.