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Calibrate Problem

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first i choosed six in the list above cause the galapagosbot is not in the list.
so here is my problem,aldo i made the galapagosbot before ,i cant seem to find the problem.
witsh is he doesn walk good.i cheked all port 3 times,calibrate 3 times stil cant find it.
my question is ports d3.d0.d9.d12 are in 45 degree for calibrating.ports d1.d4.d10.d13 are they calibrating in a angle 90 degree?
against the other servo's as shown in the instrucktions.walking gait ,the servo's moves backwarts and inwarts?

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i also notest when there is no ezbv4 connected the volt stays on?
Hello Nomad,

The volt/temp will read the last known value when you press disconnect, this is normal.

I still have the old Galapagos file. I've attached it here for you:

hi jeremie ah ok.many thanks for the download.
jeremie it works.one thing i notest where i think the confusion comes from.you see in the pic ubove,
the config is 45 degree while on the web page for calibration is straight forwart insteadt of 45 degree.