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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Auto Tune Color Tracking

I've tried the color tracking but it seems to only work a few feet away. Is there a better camera that you recommend -have been using the one that I've bought from you. Anyways what I was asking for is an auto tuning scenario whereas it's kind of like inverse kinematics. Say you put a specific color of green on a white/various color sheet of paper and have the EZB /camera auto move the dials of the tuning to specifically detect that color to the best it possibly can be detected. I have many projects that would probably take off if the camera could really detect the color really well. Thanks


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Moved to a question because this is not a feature request 

we don’t sell cameras so not sure what camera you’re talking about. But I can say that proper lighting is important. It doesn’t sound like you have proper lighting, which means the contrasts adjustments are significant. Watch one of the color tracking tutorial videos is my suggestion - and use more consistent ambient lighting. Avoid shadows and direct lights.
Ok will keep all those things in mind and rewatch the videos. It would be nice to use either an iPhone/googlephone camera or even the computers camera as they are very high quality resolution, but I understand how it bogs things down with so much data. Here's an interesting video that I think you can relate to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omz4XvjuIe0    beer throwing refrigerator -except I would take it to a whole different level with these skills
Here’s a video that should be useful for ya

just remember that a camera can’t see colors under shadows and in high contrast / just like your eyes.
Yes that is a very good video. What type of lighting would you recommend for best results? My shop has mostly mostly 4' leds and some 4' flueresants. I wonder if these are actually making it hard for the camera because of the pulsating action of the fluresants. I'm trying to get it to track from 5-15' away. Will keep experimenting.
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LED and florescent light bulbs suck for trying to see original colors with your eyes. I've done a lot of color matching for artwork I have restored. I found that regular "natural light" light bubs are the best for that. These could maybe also improve the way your robot cameras sees colors? Not sure because I haven't tried it. However I'd give it a try if I were using cameras on my robot. Maybe some day as I'm thinking of adding this feature. They even make whole room color matching light sources that car body shops use. Probably a version of the "natural light" bulb I mentioned above. Here's a hand held model for comparison. Probably not ideal for full room use. Just to give you an idea:
Paint and Detailing Color Match Light
That's pretty cool, thanks Dave. Did not know this existed but it makes sense if you're trying to match the color.