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Arduino Adapter

Hey DJ,

Any news on the ez-b arduino shield adapter? i didn't get one with my EZ-B :(


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email us at support@ez-robot.com

i'll see what i can do. we never actually got the parts from our buy-out of the ex-partner
Hello Fellas,

I just got my wall e ordered my ezb....and looking at a ton of arduino sensors....one question:

What is the ARDUINO SHIELD ADAPTOR? Will i need this item to add arduino sensors to my ezb?


United Kingdom
This explains what the extra bits are I got with my EZ-B!
thanks, i found a few arduino sensors that do not require soldering on any cables, just plug and play......awesome.

tilt sensor
sound sensor
smoke sensor (i smoke, and would be cool if wall-e reacted to that)
motion sensor

pretty awesome