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Asked — Edited

Any One Have A Spare Wall-E?

I missed out on the recent wall-e with no remote on ebay.....now prices are at the cheapest $80.00

I cant pay 80 for a toy im going to break.

I just cant......



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Be patient...one will turn up on ebay even cheaper...in the mean time practice on another cheaper toy.
Go to a thrift store and see if there is another toy that resembles Wall-e then practice on that. This was what I did, but ended up choosing this toy over Wall-e
I'm having the same problem finding an r2d2 shell. The only ones i can find are over 100. Sometimes i can find broken ones cheaper, but i keep getting sniped (outbid at the last moment)
Getting sniped is the worst. what you gotta do is wait till the last minute then bid an extra $2. When ever I do that I always get the item.

As for your R2D2 dilemma Jamerperson, toys like are normally expensive because there was a lot of thought and research on how to make it interactive. In my eyes, I see those not as something to hack into, as they are already pretty decent as it is. Usually what you find is that the toy is as good as its going to get.

Have you considered another toy to modify? One maybe with a cheaper shell?

Yeah good idea, the thrift store idea.

and yeah the r2 is pretty much perfect....so wall-e is the way to go...

I see there i s a wall-e on ebay right now, current bid 15.00. might stay low because its for parts.....the owner mentions the remote might be the issue....

Anywho, I call dibs! come on peeps, let me have this one!
Here is a search for wall-e u-command.

I got a good deal on one but Im amazed what some people think these things are worth.
Seriously? $200? Pass...I got mine for $30...lol no it wasnt hoolagen1's dib...my remote is fine...