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Zap'S Roli

Well, Roli finally got here!

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It seems I have a little problem though. I have the right number of servos but not all the right kind. I have one "rotation" servo and the rest are lever servos.

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Yes, same with us. Excited to finally get Roli, but also only have one "rotation" servo and two extra "lever" servos. I'll get an email out to the guys tomorrow.

Trying to figure out where on the EZ-B to connect the wires coming out from the Roli body. The instructions were good about where each servo connects, but we can't seem to figure out where to make the connections for the main body electronics.


Try the new Roil tutorial. It has instructions on connecting the h-bridge.


have seen pictures of roli using rotation servo for camera and lever only for arms


One other thing. We have been playing around with it with only one arm installed. Just driving around the living room and annoying the cat. We kept jumping treads and I realized the front wheels were working their way off. The axle was sliding out of the bushing. I took the front axle housing apart and found the e-clips that should retain the axle laying loose in the housing. On both front axles. I put them back on and put the housing back together. It seemed to work for a while but one has worked its way loose again. These really need the collar and grub screw on the inside just like on the outside of the axle.


@Zap... Congrats on getting your Roli.... Also sorry to hear about your little "niggles" you're having... I'm sure with ez robot's help you'll get it all worked out....

P.S. The production Roli looks awesome, though....:)


@Richard It is pretty awesome. We are going to enjoy this thing.


I ordered mine just in July, I hope it comes right as I have little robot experience. I will figure it out though, I just started a website about hydroponics and plan to use my roli in some videos and pics to make it more interesting. Thanks, Tim


I continued to have trouble with one of the e-clips popping off the axle. Luckily for me I just happen to have some spare e-clips from RC shock kits that are roughly this size. Maybe slightly smaller and stronger. After replacing the problematic one with one of my spares, I have not had any more problems with wheels coming off.