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i really wish kinect or similar platforms like this were compatible with ezb! in time i hope :D
Now I'm sure Microsoft would not be thrilled with "misuse" of the official.kinect product...... But a aftermarket like nyko doesn't care. Numerous colleges have had.projects and contests related to the kinect camera accessories.. so I believe this could not only be used as a camera but.other features of the camera sensors like laser for depth perception of an.object and.IR camera to recognize humans and animals sooner without the robot needing complicated software to figure out somthing is "alive" or at least warm blooded:)

You seem to be well informed about this! Thank you very much for this valuable information. Looking forward to hear more from you,

Best regards,

i use KINECT alot in my robot projects,one using ROS drivers but LINUX SYSTEM ,another is the LEAF AI ROBOT project with ROBOREALM ,it has the KINECT MODULE FOR IT

roborealm kinect
very easy to add it to roborealm software
to add it to LEAF project

roborealm leaf
soon Steven (CREATOR) at ROBOREALM is making a interface for EZ BOARD
so both or all 3 can be use and lot more modules,filters,controls,navigation and lot more

NYKO doesnt make KINECT ,only ZOOM A range reduction lens attachment for KINECT

ASLO if looking to buy KINECT look for a fairly new model,since older models the firmware wont work with the KINECT drivers,i have 5 of them and had to send 2 back because of the firmware ,worked great on the XBOX SYSTEM but not with the drivers

ALSO MICROSOFT has made a SDK for the KINECT ,so if really good in programming
you can make a code and DLL for it
Alright, I'm in awe of all of you at the moment. ;)
Lol , don't get overwelmed man..... It's the power of Google. That guy knows everything:)
dont know everything yet,just been doing it fora very long time.plus love testing different types of sensors fully,thats also my main job at work,testing sensors and motors