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Xbox 360 Kinect

Has anyone investigated using the Kinect as a robot control interface???? A google ; and youtube; search yeilded some absolutely mind boogling hacks of the Kinect sensor array. I also found a number of people that have already applied the technology. What do you think DJ ?


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I've been trying to think of a way to incorporate it into the ARC. I'm open to suggestions. I am not entirely sure what benefit it has yet. I think it's "neat", but not sure what its application is yet.

For the ez-SDK users, they will probably jump on it. Because they can code against both SDK's. ARC is another story hmm
DJ it is being used for floor and room mapping, compared to SLAM but it costs $150 compared to $5000 - $25,000. instead of using sonic sensors to see a left wall, then turn to see right wall, then turn to see left wall, etc. it will do that once, then see all of the walls at once and remember it. then you can send the data to your computer to reconstruct a 3d virtual environment of the building. i think it would be a more expensive way of obstacle avoidance, but possibly a more exact and farther range.

i also want to do augmented reality, and not sure if kinect can help with that or not.