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X-Bee / Ez-B / Router

Hi, I understand it is possible to replace the Bluetooth card with the X-Bee wifi card. Would it then be possible to connect the X-Bee to the router and initiate connection to the EZ-B via the router or would I have to directly connect to the X-Bee via the computer. (In my case also meaning disconnecting from the router)

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Not sure on the X-Bee wifi card specifically but other ones used connect to the router and in ARC you point it to the Wifi card (or via a virtual com port) in the connection control.


Thanks, that is good news. Which other ones are you talking about? Could you provide a specific one that easily integrates with the EZB and performs the above?


Now class 1 Bluetooth UART modules are available and direct swap for the existing class 2 unit on the Ezb (rated at 30 ft). You could continue to use it with a direct connection through a class one USB dongle and they have a 300 ft range. No routers and no fiddling with IP addresses and such.


Both of those devices are class 2 and will only work for about 30 feet (on a good day). You will want a Class 1 Bluetooth device like THIS CLASS 1 that will work up to 300 feet.

Also when installing a class 1 bluetooth device to the EZ-Board you should also install a class 1 bluetooth dongle in your computer. You can search ebay and for choices of class 1 USB Bluetooth dongles.


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Here's a class 1 dongle I have


Silly me... correct.. that is class2. The class1 is priced too high... rather go with the WIFI.


No my friend , this dongle is 7 dollars on ebay