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Writing A Script For Movement Tracking

Hello everyone:)

I've been looking on the examples on how to write a script for enabling/disabling the different camera functions. I included an example of what i am trying to use. however when i start the script i get a message saying that "remoting is not supported for this control". I was curious if someone knows any tricks or settings that Im not selecting.

for motion i am trying to use the script:


servo(d5,50) servo(d6,50)

servospeed(d5,8) servospeed(d6,8)

controlcommand("camera",cameraservotrackenable) controlcommand("camera",cameramovementtrackdisable)


thank you :D

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I thought all you had to do was select video,color, or movement tracking and it did it automatically. I haven't hooked mine up yet. But, that was my belief.


you can do that. in the example files however dj wrote skripts that corresponded to voice commands and was able to turn on or off the specific camera functions. when i copy the skripts to my project it wont work and i get an error message.

I paired my robot with the "camera" example on ARC and then the camera skripts run perfectly. there must be a difference in settings somewhere. I just havent been able to figure out where the difference is yet.