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Wow Wee Roboquad Ez - B V4

Hey robot fans..

Just purchased a Roboquad for $20 what a bargain(without remote). Have not cracked it open yet to see what PCB it is using. Was wondering before I do though is the EZ-b V4 board compatible? Also I have read a few threads where people have different versions of the PCB the Video instructions posted does not relate to those particular boards. Has there been any further development with the roboquad versions?


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The robosapien and roboquad are not compatible with the v4, sorry


DJ.... See my related post. I am a HUGE fan and I think you are amazingly talented. You have got to keep things moving forward or not include these features in your latest s/w releases. I just bought yet another EZB V4 from you with the sole thought of bringing the roboquad to life with this new platform. Your ARC implies that these features were carried forward to the latest platform.