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Wow Is Mouser Fast

Im shocked at how fast Mouser Electronics ships stuff out
Monday morning I placed an order with them and today "Thursday noon" its here:D


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Try placing an order with Digikey these days! Next day at 10am if you order before 5pm. (Keep in mind we work in a major Canadian shipping hub).

I think we have Digikey to thank for changing the entire electronics supply industry for the better. I received an email from element14 yesterday mentioning that they are doing the very same thing (next day shipping).
Hey, I places an order with Mouser on Monday also and got it today too! I was shocked to see the package in the mail box. The estate was July 7th.
Digikey is probably number one as far as bulk component availability in the usa. I haven't used Mouser but I certainly appreciate the feedback. I may try them soon:)