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Would Like To Purchase 1 Or 2 Ez-B Micro-Controller Chips

Teusday, 29-Jan-2013

Good Morning EZ-B Sales !

In one of your Forum Replys, you offered to sell an EZ-B Student a replacement IC for his EZ-B.

As of this morning, my EZ-B is working GREAT, capable of controlling each of my iRobot Series-400's.

All of your Roomba Code works perfectly on the first try, But None of my SendSerial Scripts talk to any of my Roomba's ?

EZ-Script can duplicate any of the Brush and Vacuum Motor controlls most successfully !

As a precaution, I would like to have one or two PIC18LF4685-I/P(e3) 12400HP MicroChip Controllers on hand, just in case.

Also, have you considered posting your upcomming February Sale a few days early ?

Thanks & Best Wishes From Phoenix,

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)



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Hello Doug,

Please use the Contact Us form:) None of our sales staff uses this forum.

Great to hear that your project is a success!
Doug can you post or upload your roomba script (EZB FILE) to EZ CLOUD ,so i can test it with mine and see whats wrong with it
DJ is it cheaper to buy the chip only or buy the complete board on feb 1 when its on sale