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Wobble Bot

I have decided to build a single wheeled bot and im keeping it simple, since this is my 1st build.
No arms, no servos(other than for the wheel), and no body covers. So, it will be no wider than the ez-b board and no taller than a tire, servo, board, gyros, and battery pack.
I'm going to use two futaba gy401 gyros, one I have already purchased.
My issue is this: I'm unsure of how I will attach the gyros to the server and then to the board. I have a design in mind, but I'm not sure how to design the wiring. Any help is appreciated.

Oh, and I want to control the bot with a wimote.



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Oh, and a glow in the dark ball is a cool idea too!
What amperage range does the battery need to be?
A 20c battery or higher is fine. Nothing special. Also the step down converter is between batt and h bridges. It steps down input to the h bridge.

Alright take pictures. We love seeing projects. -Josh
Ok, I have everything that I need.

Now, I just need help figuring out the wiring.

Especially with the 2 H-bridges ...

Pls lemme know how to hook the h-bridges to the motors
Hi could you take pics of all the hardware you have so I can help further? Thanks
i also have some structural components and wire, ect.
Ok cool you got everything really quick! Ok so first thing is 4 of those continuous servos gotta be setup to wire to your h bridge. Theres a controller board inside them your going to remove and wire the red and black directly to the motors power tabs. Do this the same for 4 of those servos and be sure to connect in the same polarity so you dont have one go in reverse. Basically you are turning the servo into a quick geared motor. Test each one with direct 6 volts... once those are done onto the next step.

Next you need to adjust your step down converters to be 6 volts on the dot. This will provide the regulated 6v to your modified servo motors. Once these are calibrated , next step
Normally you connect the h bridge directly to ezb but you need to put the gyro inbetween each one to balance on that axis. Let me find the h bridge tutorial...
Ill try to draw something but basically your plugging input into ezb and output onto h bridge . You will need to split the signal to both sets of input pins because both motors on each axis must move together and at the same time.
Before installing the gyro consider using pwm control and interfacing that with wii mote. First things first get those 4 servos modified as just geared motors.
Ok, I should be able to tackle some of that this weekend. Thanks, I'll keep you updated!
United Kingdom
Oh man, this project is so cool. Looking forward to see how it goes.

Josh, could standard motors be used instead of servos if you are just running them as geared motors anyway?
Sure you can use standard motors if they have enough torque. The continuous servos are so cheap its easier to use them for a small project like this.
- motors wired

Can you please elaborate or illustrate the next step?
In order to test the motors, do I need to hook them and the battery to the easy b? I do right?
Yup they are not "high torque" servos so yes you can directly connect them to ezb right now. Get your wii mote working for right now. Ive gotta find an illistration for you to wire the gyro but theres lots to do before you gotta hook up the gyro like getting wiimote working and building a frame.

Alright then...I will work in that some.

Thanks again
So i plugged the servos I mod'd in and they run non-stop. I cant override them; they only go 1 dir and 1 speed.

Am I doing it wrong?

I attached them to the board and pulled up a mod servo movement panel, but everything I tried failed to alter their performance.

Nm, that was a dumb question, sry.

I completely forgot about the H-bridge

So I'm on to the wimote --- I'll let ya know when that gets the best of me