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Which page or section of the website are you referring to? Hope you weren't trying to use the product photos to build the robot:D

The learn section has instructions and tutorials for ezrobots as instructed in the included booklet in the package, on robot product pages in the store and displayed in the software when loaded. The learn section can be accessed by pressing the menu option LEARN from the top of this website.

The learn section contains videos, and step by step details to build jd or other robots.

You may also access the direct link to the jd course from the jd product page in the store. Or from the ARC tutorial screen which is presented when loaded.

Also, when you created this question, you agreed to "requesting assistance", which presented links to the learn section as well. This video is displayed when the question was asked that explains the learn section.

Once you discover the learn section, everything will be clear:) and fun!


@Mrs. Rav

Please open up the JD Example Project inside of ARC. The first prompt of the project are the assembly instructions that help you hook up each servo step by step. The instructions are a 3D representation of the robot with a connection point visualized in the top left corner for each step.

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edit Whoops, DJ beat me to it


Your software is also very very out dated by almost half a year. Please update ARC. When the software is loaded, it flashes a window informing you of an update available. Please do not dismiss the update window.


Thanks Also Tom Caine provided valuable information