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Wireless Interference In The Home Can Hurt Wifi Connection

JD Was driving me nuts, but turning off constantly running wireless transmitters will stop Robots WiFi from receiving signals. Just something to consider when hooking to wifi. Caused my JD not to work properly for 2 days. Than the miracle happened, fixed! Examples will be wireless cable wireless speaks microwaves and possibly blue tooth. Ron


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Doesn't seem to bother my ezb connections and I have a crap load of wireless stuff connected to my network....


I'm talking about transmitting your cable signal to a TV outside where it is always Transmitting with TV on or off. Transmitting to a speaker system in another room when it is always transmitting with sound off or on etc. Not a light switch that is wireless when you touch a button momentary. If this works for you fine mine didn't and I'm sure other may have the problem. Maybe some didn't know that a microwave close to the computer can cause your wifi to stop controlling. These are transmitters that transmit 300 feet or so. Ron


I'll say again that trying a different WiFi channel, or going into client mode so you are sharing the same network rather than competing for the same frequency may help you out.

Microwave can certainly impact 2.4 ghz WiFi (g and n) although the range is very short unless your microwave's door is broken in which case you have other problems:)



Turning that stuff off allowed my JD to work without jamming during an application or dance or locking up the program. Drove me nuts for 2 days. Great! Hope it helps somebody. Ron


Interesting - at the ez-robot facility, we experience outages when the microwave is running. That is a pretty common issue, specifically at my home where my neighbors microwave will knock out my whole network.

The wireless speakers would surely cause an issue as well, if they are on the same network frequency - which i suspect they are since it's popular.

Great to hear that the problem had been resolved! Something to take note of in case there are future scenarios like this. Thanks for the update!