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Windows Surface

Hi can the windows surface download ez-biulder *confused*


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United Kingdom
No, the surface uses Windows RT. Windows RT is pretty much a useless OS for many things, you are limited to Microsoft apps. You need full blown Windows 7 or higher.
If its RT then no... I got a Dell Venue 32GB 8" tablet running win8 for about $175 from ebay a few weeks ago... Works perfect with ARC...

edit... Rich beat me to it... :)
Thanks man then I guess that's the tablet that I'm going to get. is it a good tablet?
United Kingdom
I use the Acer Iconia W3-810 which runs nicely and has full blown Windows 8.1.

There are a few options out there.
United Kingdom
From what I just read it can however make sure it doesn't come with Windows 8 RT. The one I just looked at comes with Windows 8.1 which should be fine.
United Kingdom
Nope, I've had no problems with it at all. Battery life is great (it will last a few days with light use, probably around 8 hours use in total), holds the charge very well too when not being used.

If it went under voltage that may be your issue. Since it's a LiPo battery in it and once damaged they cannot be repaired. No amount of software updates, bios updates etc. will change that.
United Kingdom
Didn't you say it was dead when you went to use it? That would indicate it may have gone to under voltage. Using the AC adapter is irrelevant.