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Win 10

Well, I have just about had it trying to run windows 10 on both of my laptops which are only a few years old, ran always amazing with Win7 but when the latest update came on win10 while I was busy else where, the update caused the laptop to shut down,restart,shut down,restart...endlessly for an hour and completely damaged the hard drive. So researching USB external hard drive/jump drives, Windows10 boot up seemed an easy fix but unless your bios is upgraded it simply refuse to install. If you have no current operating system you then likely need to use some type of dos booting utility to upgrade the bios.....I give up on trying to put win10 on my usb drive.In contrast, Ubuntu latest linux version will run directly off a dvd with zero problems and installs in 20 minutes! Now both laptops running Ubuntu happily. My big old desktop gaming rig P.C. still running ok with win10 but for robot use ...useless because I really don't want to lug that heavy thing everywhere I go with the question is I heard somewhere there is now EZ support for Raspberry PI, is this true? I would happily jump aboard that train! Right now at least my cell phone can still give mobile control for the robot,thank god for that (and J.D. LoL) Will there ever be an EZ builder Ubuntu version? Ubuntu kicks windows daisy! ;)


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p.s. funny how auto correct changed "A_s" at the end to "Daisy" LoL! :D


p.s. funny how auto correct changed "flower" at the end to "Daisy" LoL! :D


i had this on/off issue from rebooting pc whit the myo brace.


Damn auto correct won't let me swear here,weird.


I have zero issues with win 10... I currently have 5 Computers running Win 10... 3 were free upgrades from Windows 7. I prefer Win 10 over Win 7 any day...

Anyway, to answer your question see here... Mono SDK


Wow that is awesome news ,thanks Richard!


Ha ha yeah the auto correct is funny. :P

I noticed my laptop didn't re-start after a recent update, i had to hard shut it down but it was fine after that.

But yeah of course you can control your project with Linux/Ubuntu and EZB4/Raspberry Pi. ;)

One of my robots will be a combo of both, but baby steps first... :P


Oh i much prefer Linux over windows any day of the week, but each to their own and its matter of preference, etc, but yeah i LOVE Ubuntu. ;)


yes my brother just emailed me too and said you can run any android mobile app in Ubuntu too, so will give that a go! Just need to download the extension program! :D


I checked it out not long ago and looks really straight forward to set up through Terminal. ;)

All the best with it. :)


Yes thanks,will give it a go, this will solve many win10 head aches!