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Asked — Edited

Will This Work Whit Ez-B4

is there room in the chest off jd for this.and will it work whit ez-b4 *blush*

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Yes and no...

I used one of these on Melvin before changing his head design.

The Larson scanner is built to run on 3v where as the EZ-B will provide 5v (the V3 does at least, V4 has pass through voltage).

You can change the resistors and have it run on 5v, if you check Melvin's topic I have covered it in there. Connect it up using a TIP transistor switching circuit (also covered in Melvin's showcase and I provided a tutorial on this, check my topics).

As for space in JD, you may struggle (I don't know, I haven't checked the sizes) - check the shop page and 3D files in ARC and compare to the scanner size - however you could always take the LEDs from the board and connect them with short lengths of wire, again Melvin had this done to him.
my idea was ask xlrobot to make a bigger chest.thank you rich:D