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Will These Sensors Work With The Ezb

Are these compatible?


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Temperature sensor: Looks like its an i2C sensor? So you have t figure out how to read the data from it, but yes, it can work with the ez-b.

Relay: Maybe its UART? I can't really tell, but if it is, then yes you can use it with the ez-b, just do a little scripting.

Though, for both of these there are way easier alternatives. Try to get sensors that work over adc, as it is a few lines of code to make it get the value and print it. As for the relay, try these with a diode on the signal wire: 5V relay


To add to @Techno was saying.

I looked into it and, yep, the temp sensor looks 100% compatible. It runs off 3.3V and sends an analog signal out. You just need to hook it up to 3.3V, GND, and an analog pin (A0-A7) on the ez-bv4.

As for the relay, it looks like the v1.2 will work since it can run at 3.3V voltage but the v1.1 may not.