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Will There Be A Count Down?

Just wondering, to give some people peace in mind(me) could there maybe be a countdown a couple days in advance to revolution? Me and a couple other members are really excited and really want to get working on our bots so to have a countdown to tell us when revolution is here would be nice, if its possible.:D


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I'm sure there is a reason why EZ Robots has not give much info on release date. Maybe they are unsure when bords made by vendors will reach them for sale, supply delays, or maybe even waiting for existing stocks of reg ezb's to sell. Who really knows. I do know I read a few days ago DJ saying it will be soon.

Giving promises and not being able to deliver can be deadly to companies. Remember the last Revolution release delays?

All good things to.......... well, you know the saying.
yea I guess. will see if an employee on ez-robot response.
United Kingdom
Deadlines cause more trouble than they are worth, especially if it's in someone else's hands.

The V3 had stopped being sold a few weeks ago. The shop page has been updated with a placeholder. I'm sure that as soon as more information is available it will be shared with us here, on facebook and in the newsletter.

Just wait it out:) It'll come.