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Will The 2.5 Amp Motor Controller Work With This Motor?

Lynxmotion 12VDC 152RPM 231.05oz-in GHM-13 Spur Gear Head Motor

12vdc 141rpm, Gear Head Motor / Part no. GHM-13 Torque = 231.5 oz. in. Weight = 7.15 oz. Reduction = 30 :1 Length = 59.2mm (motor and gear) Length = 22.6mm (shaft only) Diameter = 36.8mm (motor and gear) Diameter = 6mm (shaft) (0.157") Current = 145mA (at 12v no load) Current = 3.8A (at 12v locked shaft)


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It might but it depends on the load , at full load stalled is 3.8 , so on average it probably draws 2amps or more. It may run it fine if you don't overload it.