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Wiimote + Nunchuk On Windows 7

Hi all,

I got my wiimote to work with my laptop running a win7 pro 64bit and consequently with the ARC software by installing the last driver from Dell as my laptop has an embedded Dell wireless 375 Bluetooth module. However I'm not able to make the nunchuk work. I loaded a working script line on buttons C and Z in the Wii remote control window but when I press them they don't appear in the right window of the wii remote. All the buttons of the wiimote appear correctly and execute the scripts I've set. My Windows is up to date and loads the Bluetooth HID driver correctly as soon as I pair the wiimote. This driver is dated 21/06/2006 but I can't seem to update it nor find a newer one on the Microsoft website. Does anybody has any experience in this matter.

Thank you in advance


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When you open the settings of the control window for the wii remote in ARC you will see that the 4th tab is called nunchuk. on the 2nd tab (buttons) you will find C and Z which are buttons of the nunchuk. Maybe you need to update. Anyway if this doesn't work I would be happy to connect a second wiimote which I can't for the time being and I don't know why. I can see them both in the EZ buider software in the wiimote control windows as I loaded 2 of them one set to wiimote 1 and the otherone to wiimote 2 but as soon as I try to swich from one channel to the other it forces the paired wiimote to switch the same way. Does anybody already successfully connected 2 wiimotes?


You know, I've had many issues with getting the nunchuck to work in windows. Honestly, wish I had an answer for you. Haven't had enough hardware types to determine the cause. Even my Nintendo branded nunchuck only works occasionally - it has something to do with the Bluetooth on the wii side registering the peripheral to windows.

I'll add it to my list to take a peak next time I'm in that module.


Understood, thanks for the update! Any suggestions to get a second wiimote to work simultaneously?


Add the second Wii the same way you add the first. In the Wii control, you can select which WiiMote is being used with the drop down


Indeed I can see them both in the drop down list the first wii control is set to remote num 1 and the second one to remote num 2. However the second wiimote keeps on blinking and both wii controls in ARC pair with the first one even tough i've selected the other wiimote in the drop down. Even tough they have different unique identifiers in Windows Bluetooth devices I've the impression that they have the same identifier in the ARC. The drop down is not wide enough to be able to read the whole identifier but both are \?\hid#{00001124-000 the last 0 is only half visible. I doesn't matter wich one I choose I always lock on the first wiimote. Thank you for your help!