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Ok guys, any help would be great ... I'm about to rip my hair out ...

How do I control the servos with a wii-mote, not just uding the D-pad, but by tiliting the remote; ya know like you control Mario-kart on the Wii?

I have tried and tried and failed, everytime. Is there a turorial? Did I miss it?

Either way, this is my next hurdle to comple the wobble-bot, now that the semster is over I have free to time to work on this project.

Unless I figure out the controller, it won't matter how much or little free time I have.

Please help me out.

Thanks! *confused*

Every control has a ? button next to the X (close). Press the button to view the tutorial for that control. The ? is the symbol for help on computers.
ah, ok ---I'll look into that tonight

:) Anytime dude!

We have more tutorials going up (under the boxbox build) also! Stay tuned:D