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Wii Remote Error Connecting To Wii Remote

Hi, I'm attempting to build a 2 servos on wheels balancing bot with a Wii remotes accelerometer. I'm using version 2012.10.27 and during the procedure where I've added the Nintendo Wii unpaired and the blue lights are flashing, and I add the Misc Wii control I get this message:

"error connecting to Wii remote: Timed out waiting for status report" After this message, the lights continue to flash.

My batteries are brand new.

Any know solutions?


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I had to disable the wireless internet connection on my laptop to allow the Wii to sync. It worked the first time, after MANY failed attempts.

The theory is that you have 20 seconds to make connection with the wii. If your computer goes online looking for drivers, which it does not need, you will blow your 20 second window.

It worked for me.

Good luck.


Thanks for the tip.

Just tried that a bunch of times. I'm also uninstalling the blue tooth device each time I repeat the procedure.

After the initial error "error connecting to Wii remote: Timed out waiting for status report" the gui for the Wii comes up. When I press the refresh button, I can select this below which also gives a time out error: \?\hid${00001124

Prior to this procedure, I've also connected to the Ez-B.

A few months ago I did connect to my brother's Wii controller. But I have been removing the previous drivers each time I attempt to reconnect to the Wii.



Every ARC control has a Question Mark (?) icon next to the close (X). Pressing that button will load the tutorial page for the control. Here is the link for the Wii tutorial:

Please read the instructions:) It will work flawlessly everytime once you've figured it out. It's really silly that nintendo modified the bluetooth connection method outside of the standard - which requires deleting and re-pairing each time to Windows.