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Wii Remote Connection Questions

the wii remote is not disscovereble on my computers bluetooth please help


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There is a tutorial that demonstrates how to add the wiimote. Have you viewed it? If you have and still experience issues, contact the manufacturer of your wiimote for issues. ezrobot is not a manufacturer of wiimote controllers.

Here's a direct link to the manual page for the WiiMote using ARC:

Based on your operating system, selecting the bluetooth device may be different. If so, microsoft will have information regarding the version.


I looked at the tutorial but the computer just does not make the wii remote show up from bluetooth :)


Hmm... Could be the wiimote type. Some don't like to play well with pcs. This is because they weren't designed for Windows originally. The PC integration is more of a "hack" than intended functionality


Ok.. That manual page is like 3 years old. Anything current? I can connect the WII remote to my computer, and you don't press the 1&2 keys, you press the red button by the batteries.

Now what? How the heck is this supposed to work, we were sold on the fact that we can use a wii remote to control our robots. We have a bday party in 2 weeks and need 4 of these running.


There's nothing current, and there will not be an update because the wiimote has not changed. Also, as you have noticed there are different versions of wiimotes. There's thousands of versions from both Nintendo and aftermarket clones. Ezrobot supports the standard protocol and is not a manufacturer of wii controllers. Not is ezrobot responsible for the operation of wiimote controllers. Your controller will include instructions for pairing mode. It's best to consult the instruction manual for exact instructions of your version.

That being said, glad you got it working! enjoy the birthday and continue consulting the learn section for tutorials. Enjoy :)