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Wii Remote

Had great fun playing with my Wii remote tonight. Its a pig to get it connected via Bluetooth to the PC this nothing to do with ARC though. Anyone got a guaranteed method??

I should also watch the tutorials more closely as I wanted to use the Wii accelerometer to control my Omnibots head and couldn't get it to work until I pressed the Wii home button. The red dot turns to green and away it goes.

The Wii remote is also a great way to control a Movement Panel so you can forget using a joystick if you want. I was thinking that if you had 2 IR LED's on your bot you could use the remote as a docking sensor that idea needs a bit more thought perhaps


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Trying to get the controlcommands WiiRumbleOn WiiRumbleOff WiiRumbleAlert

To work, anyone help with an example?

Ok worked it out example below. You pass the parameter to the window associated with the device in this case the Wii Remote. You can rename the window if you need to

Created a script with these commands when you start it the Wii Rumbles for a second or so

controlcommand("Wii Remote", WiiRumbleOn) Sleep (1000) controlcommand("Wii Remote", WiiRumbleOff)

So now when I am driving my bot around with the Wii Remote and the ping detector see's an object I can get the Wii to rumble in my hand cool!

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That is cool

You may have converted me to the wii mote. Iv not liked them until now , I was going to use a xbox 360 pad.

Nice one .


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I have used a wired PS3 controller which works well and has lots of buttons which is useful.

The only real issue with the Wii Remote is connecting it as you have delete it from the device list in windows then add it again each time you want to use it (unless I don't understand something?)

The other reason I got the Wii was to try this

which works really well


you're correct - each time you wish to use the wii mote on a PC, you have to delete and re-add it. You can find out how to do so in the Tutorial section :)