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Wii Remote

i bouth a wii remote and looks the wrong one.

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try connecting it to a wii if you have one. if it doesn't work there, you might have to get a new one from wherever you ordered.:D
i dont have a wii.i just read wii remotes whit + dont work.
so i have to by another.

Yeah @Nomad we haven't had much luck connecting WiiMotes with the WiiMotion plus built-in to ARC. You'll want to get one without the WiiMotion plus.
hi all
they are hard to find whithout the+

justin yes there i read about the + dont connect.thank you

i found the good one.but it seems the batt drain empty in 15 min.
I have an Wii and several remotes. I don't experience that battery drain issue. The rechargeable packs in my opinion are not the best, they never hold a charge very long for me, but even they last longer that 15 minutes. What kind of batteries are you using? If they are some type of dollar store brand, they won't last as long as say Energizer or Duracell.
duracel.i put just two new in and in about 15 min almost empty
i got another wii whithout the +.
i cant get it connect

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United Kingdom
How have you tried to get it to connect?
Is it paired in Windows? Does it show up as a device in Windows?
What process have you followed in order to attempt to connect it with Windows?
Is it in device manager? Are there any errors?

There are many tutorials on connecting Wiimotes to PCs on the internet, try searching Google and read a few tutorials to get familiar with the process.
i follow the tutorial here from dj and did excacly same.
it not chowing in devices.
the blinking off the blue leds dont last long.
no errors

thank you rich
Hold the number 1 and 2 buttons and the lights will start blinking.

Go to your pc and go to Bluetooth. Click add device.

Keep holding the buttons.

When the wii remote comes up in add devices, click it and click the option of pairing that doesn't have a code required.

Keep holding the buttons until the drivers are installed.

Note: if the lights stop blinking on the wii remote, repress the 1 and 2 buttons and hold.

Once paired, go to ARC and add the wii remote control. If the wii remote turned off, turn it back on(press a button on it).

Press the home button on the wii remote and the red dot on the wii remote control in ARC should go green and start moving with your movements.
sorry for late respons.i try it very long,but i dont see it appear
how can i see iff the remote is on?
You can tell it's on by the 4 flashing LEDs on the lower portion of the WiiMote. If the LEDs don't light up your batteries are too low.
i ordere a special wii batt from 2600 mah.hope that helps
I guess I should specify that the LEDs only flash when you press buttons 1&2 together for pairing, they don't flash all the time.
hi jeremie

i have win7 and bt anycom 2.0

thank you
i recieved the batt pack for nintendo.3600 MaH
hope this helps.

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