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Wii Hack

Has anyone created wii scripts in any project, as I have searched cloud examples and have been unable to locate any.

Is it possible to search cloud examples for commands used in a particular project without actually opening ?

Found a novel way to increase bluetooth range to Robot with onboard pc
A wii Remote ,gives a range of up to 12 yards, so I hacked into its (up down left right switches)
which are now connected to external trigger switches.


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United Kingdom
Which script commands are they? I've not used the WiiMote so not sure what commands there are other than the rumble commands.
In wii configure its the movement panel
up ,down, left,right & stop
ideally I would like one of these scripts to pause the accelerometer if that is possible to address, if not a simple script to say " if key is pressed move servo d0 to 58 ,if key is released move servo to 50"

You are correct the only commands that I can find also is the rumble command
I use the accelerometer for camera pan tilt and d pad for movement the home button pauses the accelerometer and the camera stops where it was.
For my project I would like the accelerometer to be in a ready state (green) but say when another button (right) is pressed the accelerometer ins are carried out,when the (right) button is released the accelerometer stops.
I know you may say why, but all will be revealed shortly ,lets say it will allow (limited) Brain control of the robot.

Spent some time on scripting last night and may have found a way to do it.