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United Kingdom
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Wifi Spykee Robot By Mecanno Or Erector In Us

DJ or anyone looked at adding this to ARC there are a few online hacks out there and you can now download the source code and instructions from Spykeeworld.com


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I have the base for one. But i do not have the upper body with webcam. So i technically could easily add support for the motion, but not camera because i have no way of testing.
Do you have one? I'll add support if someone can test for me
United Kingdom
Hi Dj got one sat on a shelf , was looking at combining the ez robot and spykee .
United Kingdom
I'll get one and test for you should be fun
Spykee has a great base but it is a pain if you get a bad firmware flash.

United Arab Emr
Any update on this subject
I do have robosapien and spykee already .
Each one has many disadvantages that need enhancement to return the value to the money spent.
The ez-robot kit should arrive any time now and I look forward to hack both of them.

United Arab Emr
I do hope that you can spare some time to work on the wifi spykee .
It is quite good base that has potentials if we combine it with ARC.
Thx in advance
United Arab Emr
Any possibility to add wifi Spykee platform to the ARC.
It is a real waist and Like to get advantage of both Spykee and EZB.
I am sure that others do have it and which the same.
United Arab Emr
Sorry @DJ, I do have the software installed and it is operational .
However, With EZB can reach different levels as you know.
Anyway, will keep it for later....Who knows ?