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Wifi Relay

I found this relay board that appears to be connectable by wifi.

I was trying to find ways of creating a panel of randomly blinking 12v light switches.
Could the EZ B's wifi (in the mode where it's independent from your network) be used to control this relay board to do what I want it to? I guess the alternative would be to get an arduino to do it and control that with the EZ B.



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Thanks. Guess I'll have to figure out how to get the Ez B to trigger an arduino next.



@Frank, How many 12v light bulbs do you need to flash randomly? If it's 12 or less you may want to consider a neat light controller kit from Wizzeys Workshop that the B9 builders use in their Chest Lights. It will randomly flash 12v light bulbs at a set rate or by grounding different pins it can change patterns or even shut down in slow motion like a power down effect. I used this kit and replaced the 12v bulbs with 12 LED's to draw less current and make a lto less heat. It's $90 USD but comes with everything you'll need including the wiring harness and very clear instructions. Here's the address:

Tom W's light controller kit

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Thanks, Dave.

That could definitely work, though I think I may end up simply getting another EZ B to do the lights. Although it's total overkill, it's about the same price as the Wizzey board and would not have the noise problem that I'd get from a relay board + arduino (maybe there's some quiet relay boards out there but the cheap Sainsmart ones are apparently noisy).

The only other thing I can think of is my original plan to use a tiny board that blinks LEDs in sequence, and randomly place the lights around to simulate the random blinking effect. The only problem is that I'd have to take out the existing 12v bulbs from beneath their colored lenses (which turns out to be difficult without damaging the housing) and replace them with the board's LEDs. Doable, but after all the soldering / desoldering, etc, I figure it may be easier to just get another EZ B and run it at 12v.


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Im away at the moment so scanned through this on my phone. If the wifi relays connect to the EZ-B wifi and the PC controlling the EZ-B can see the relays it may be as simple as using httpget() to fire off url based commands to it.

When I get home I'll have a read properly. In other words dont count it out just yet.


Tom's board does all the work and the relay or switch circuit would only switch to ground once to start the needed effect. You'd only hear the relay cluck once when it activates the wanted effect. A TIP switch circuit is silent.

Anyway the board starts the normal light show effect as soon as it's powered up so if you don't need the added effects you may not even need the grounding circuit.