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Wifi Extender Idea

I was just thinking. Oh no! :D

Well, what I was thinking about is because the new ez-b runs on wifi, it would be compatible with wifi range extenders. This, depending on what kind of range extender you get, could double(if not close to triple) your range on your bot.

Wifi range extenders range from $20-$100 depending on the range and maker.

Setup #1: Many times the range extender you'll see has an adapter power cable to regulate the outlet power down to 12v dc.(amps unknown). So, you could use it on your 12v bot!

Choose wisely when choosing your extender because some may run on more than 12 volts. Also watch the amperage.

Setup #2: The other way you could setup the adapter is in the middle of the area the robot will be traveling. Then connect to the extender from the computer and then to the ez-b.

Connecting different brands of extenders to the ez-b may vary so I don't plan to cover that.

Anyone who would like to add on feel free.


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I feel like I'm turning in to forum police as of late (which is never good) but why is this marked as tutorial?

Extending wireless networks has been around for years. There are many different method all with their own good points and bad points. The main thing to understand is if the good points are mainly cost orientated then the bad points make them not worth the bother.

If you plan it out correctly you could, in theory, extend your WiFi range indefinitely. But is it necessary? Perhaps if you live in a large house, if walls are made of thick stone (cotswold stone is a huge problem where I live as it pretty much blocks any signals from anything) or your robot roams a wide area but for the average home robot the WiFi range from a decent router should be enough to cover what is required.

The best thing to do if you are planning to increase the range of your wifi is research on other sites. There are forums and websites dedicated to networking where people will have a lot more knowledge and experience with extending wifi than you will find anywhere else. There are many tutorials on the subject that are very clear, complete and accurate.


Sorry about that. I posted this from my iPod touch and I haven't gotten used to the new scroll select.

The idea behind this is for possible outdoor robots or robots that have to go the distance. I guess your right, there are different ways, I just thought this might be the most user friendly way.


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