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did anyone get wifi to work?it would be nice to connect pc to ez by entering an ip address instead of com port

could this be coming in the future *eyeroll*


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no one got wifi to work? it it possible to connect ezb to router direct?no blue tooth
United Kingdom
You will need extra hardware like a wifi to serial module to make this work. Then no problem
that is the link i used but can not get it to work.I did get my wifi settings setup (i think)but that is it.A video would be great
welp DJ if you plan on doing so you might want to mention about how to get the unit out of auto mode if it happens to be shipped in such mode. I had to download arduino for the serial terminal, hyperterminal didn't work and neither did a custom c# setup. There are other terminals I'm sure will work but I was looking into the atmega328 so.