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Wi-Fi Disconnecting As Soon As Any Command With Servo Is Executed

I am making a custom hexapod. When ever I give it a command involving servos it disconnects from the app. The wifi does not stay connected during all this. I have to disconnect the ezb and reconnect it in app to start again. And it happens again.
How to fix this?
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I monitored the current and it turns out that the battery is giving out max current of 8 amps. Could it be the lack of current thats causing problem.
Absolutely. You don't need much sustained, but all those servos will pull a lot of amps when they start moving.
Should I change the battery, or changing the algorithm will do the trick?
Those servos are very inefficient and use a lot of power. It’s recommended to use ezrobot hdd servos - they are much more power efficient and robust. Your battery supply with those servos will need to be extremely powerful.