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Why Wont Sinthia Work?

why wont sinthia the robot on djs website:djsures.com come online everytime i try to talk to it it says its offline


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It is a future project ONLY. If you want a really good Chat-bot with lots of A.I., check out Denise from Guild3D studio. She was the best investment I ever made as far as chat-bot. But, she is not a chat-bot ONLY. She is a full fledged Virtual Assistant. She is the only one that I can hold a normal conversation with for more than 30 Secs.

Good Luck! we have similar interests.

yea thanks ever since i ran into that one chatbot i have been interested in them
wish you didnt have to pay to talk to denise hey you know how you can make a chat bot?
the thing is, she is MUCH MUCH more than a chatbot. That is just ONE area of her. With the price, you have a 30 day, I think, Money Back Guarrantee. So, it is a NO LOOSE situation. And the people at Guile3D are Wonderful people to do Business with. And, Unlike some other companys,you also get a lifetime of Updates. Sort of Like EZ-Robot.

Moviemaker did you watch those propaganda films on the website about how mankind is hurting the Earth so they sent us Denise?:D
No, I did not see those films. They are on the Guile3D site?

But, it is however true that mankind needs to get together and be more aware of such things.