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Resolved Resolved by winstn60!

Why Does The Ez-B Not Show

I try connecting the EZ-B to my computer. I go to the Bluetooth window on my computer then add wireless device but it does not show the EZ-B
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United Kingdom
Are you using the microsoft bluetooth stack?
How soon after powering on the EZ-B are you trying to pair it, you only have a small windows to do so.

Also, is that Vista? If so you may want to think about upgrading it to Windows 7 or 8.
I waited about a minute to try and connect it and I am not sure if am using the Microsoft Bluetooth stack
United Kingdom
Try searching for it almost as soon as you power it up.
United Kingdom
Try removing the bluetooth module and reattaching it, sometimes they can come loose in transit. (Do this without it powered on)
Does anything else find it? Smartphone, laptop, etc.?
I am not using a module, the laptop has built in Bluetooth, and it can't find any other devices I tried my phone but it doesn't read it either.
United Kingdom
The module on the EZ-B not the laptop. It should just pull up (it's usually secured by some double sided sticky tape).

In case you don't know what the module is, it's the bit with the red flashing light on which sits on top of the IC. Carefully pull it up and it should pop out, then refit it as it was. You could try just applying slight pressure to it rather than remove it, sometimes that works too.
I removed it and placed it back but the computer still doesn't find it
Does the red light flash when the power is connected to the EZ-B?

Have you never used the EZ-B before? if you have, it is already added and just needs to be re-used.
Yes the red light blinks fast. And no I have not used it before
have you used Bluetooth on your computer before? If not, check with your phone to see if the EZ-B is recognized.

There could be a chance your Bluetooth module is damaged from static during shipping - we can send a replacement module. However, it'll be quicker to eliminate any diagnostics now
United Kingdom
Check all the Bluetooth settings on your Laptop all options should be ticked.

The default is NOT to allow Bluetooth devices to find your computer make sure all the boxes are ticked
No I have not used Bluetooth on my computer before and I tried searching for the EZ-B with a tablet and a phone, but neither of those could find it
United Kingdom
It shows up as Linvor to begin with, was that shown on the tablet or phone (or PC)?
United Kingdom
I would try a Bluetooth dongle on the laptop